Treontae Huntley MusicStore Coming Soon... |

Treontae Huntley is a musical genius.

At first listen, you may assume lack of talent. Wrong answer. Tre has skills beyond human comprehension. He's a master at his craft.

I had the opportunity to interview Treontae Huntley and I am honored to have met this man, his music is a breath of fresh air. His style is like no other.

But if I had to liken Treontae -Tre would be a mixture of artist in one. Wiz, Frank Ocean, Drake like, a little splash of Chance.

Treontae Huntley is the truth. Very humble, down to earth and yet out this world.

Cakewalk Entertainment is in the process of building Treontae Huntley Music Store, coming soon...

Welcome to Cakewalk. We Build Stores!

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