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Righteous is a warrior.

And with every good thing, comes a lot of hate. Righteous was shooting his latest video and the hate came shooting the video shoot up. Righteous best-friend got shot and killed. God bless the dead and please pray for both the victim's and Righteous family...

-This is one of the many reasons why I say Righteous is a warrior.

I had an awesome time interviewing this official reggae artist. Righteous music is second to none.

Carlington Bailey AKA Righteous is authentic as they come. Righteous Bailey is pushing the culture forward on the reggae scene.

As far as hip hop is concerned -there are a multiplicity of elements that comprise the culture of hip hop and to leave out the element of the raw organic sounds of reggae would be doing hip hop unjustly.

Righteous has his hand on the pulse of the culture collectively. Even if you're not a big fan of hip hop -I'm very sure you will enjoy the sounds booming out of Jamica.

Righteous is the truth and his music as the italian mobsters would say... "Fuhgeddaboudit"

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