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The MXM movement is moving.

It's a beautiful thing to see brothers form together as one unit and accomplish their goals.

Mecca, Kalyco and Dev are the Ceo's of the company born out of Yonkers NY AKA Y-O. I had the honor of interviewing 2 of the Three Ceo's of MXM -Mecca and Dev. Extremely humble brothers putting out fire content across the internet.

By simply watching IN-A-Y/O-Min (INAYOMIN Series) you wouldn't guess in a million years that the brother Dev is a deeply spiritual brother. Interviewing Dev he told me on many occasions through-out the interview that he would pray for the wealth and prosperity of my vision Cakewalk Entertainment.

In the world we live in today it's rare and hard pressed you would find genuine and sincere love these brothers have for not only the success of their own endeavors but for the success and prosperity of others trying and attempting to do their thing as well.

These brothers are Yonkers NY legends. The CEO's are very self-less -they put the city on. In watching MXM's latest episode 10 you will immediately notice they put they town on. Kalyco, Mecca and Dev are providing jobs and careers on their platform MXM.

I'm looking forward to working close with these brothers and the whole MXM family. Y-O stand up and salute the generals of the MXM movement.

Ali Lafayette Rhea and the staff of Cakewalk Entertainment are in the process of building MXM Music & Movie Store Coming Soon. Welcome to Cakewalk. We Build Stores!

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