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Qp is easily becoming my favorite white boy.

Q reminds me soo much of Em it's not even funny. Q told me during an interview I held with him not too long ago... -that Em could easily be his pop's. Qp said this because as I was conducting his interview I began noticing many similar characteristics between both of these extraordinary lyricist.

Keep reading. You'll see what I mean in no time...

Q's top 5 rappers of all time would surprise popular culture. But since I had the honor and privilege of building and choppin' it up with Qp myself -I'm not surprised at all. 

Number 1. Tech 9.

Listening close to Qp's lyrics, rhyme style and delivery you can clearly understand why Tech would be Qp's number 1 rapper of all time. 9's ability to rhyme fast is a tough act to follow but with Qp I believe it comes natural to him because how he came up

Qp had to think fast on the street of Indiana, especially living just a few blocks away from the projects in Jim-Town. Paul Qp Deweese was forced to think fast. He had no choice in the matter as you will begin to understand the more you read through this artist press-release.

QP-Z second greatest rapper of all time is no other than "Mr. 8-Mile, Please Stand Up Slim Shady" -these brothers look a lot alike. Qp could play Em if Shady, After-Math were to ever drop 8-Mile II.

Paul Qp Deweese identically to Em currently lives in a trailer park where ... -when I first interviewed Q -he made a quick hand to hand sell while answering a few of my questions. Adding up the bread he was receiving from a client, not distracted from the interview I was conducting with him ... -still answering in detail the questions I was inquiring of... Qp simply replied to me "that's how it's done" 

-I'm more than sure Em had to think just as quick back in the day on 8-Mile Road.

It should start becoming clearer and clearer as to why Tech9 & Em is Qp 1 and 2.


Are you starting to understand where 'Paul Qp Deweese' developed his speed in his rhymes? As intricate and complex Tech9's, Em's and Qp's flow is -It became apparent to me that his flow evolved to a natural state of simplicity because of his day to day life-style.

Qp's Number 3 isn't popular amongst traditional hip hop heads -but nothing about the unorthodox rapper Qp is traditional...

Without further ado the 3rd spot goes to Rittz.

Listen to Qp and then google the kid Rittz.

Q and Rittz passion for what they do is unparalleled. By the time you get done reading this Artist/Label Press Release you will have a new favorite rapper -Paul Qp Deweese.

Indiana Native QP-Z experienced the hard knock life early on.

Jim-Town Projects is where Q began to see the lyrics he would be kicking on the live screen of life.

Running wild at home -the decision was made to place Paul Qp Deweese into foster care. The foster care program worked-out to no avail. Paul/Qp choked out his foster father, which got the ball rolling down hill where more problems would be waiting to destroy his life all the more.

As life would have it -Hell always comes before receiving the blessing of heaven.

Paul Qp Deweese endured his hell long enough. Right when Q thought the walls and the gates of the Juvenile Detention Center was closing in on him (no pun intended) -someone passed Qp the rap artist who made him want to rap in the first place.

Laying on that metal bed in that cell, with Q's headphones glued to his ears and Qp's Walkman turned all the way up... 'No Matter What' -came the sounds of ATL.

Qp was doing an 18 month bid where 4th spot rap artist T.I. helped hone the skills of Indiana's own Paul Qp Deweese.


Coming up out of that shit hole Q is ready to let the world know what's really good.

Paul has been through a lot of up's and downs and now Q is here to stamp his name in this rap game.

As for Qp's Number 5 greatest rapper of all time...


I'll let you research Qp on social media

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