Fantaztik Apparel & Music Store Coming Soon... |

My sun John M Carter is the real deal.

-Sun the kind of nigga you would hand select to be on your team. As I was conducting an interview with M. Carter -passion was leaking out of the kid pores bro -real shit.

I couldn't help but hear the hunger in his voice. John brought me back to when I first heard "1 Love by Nas" and I really wanted to do this rap shit.

Carter is the epitome of genuine. If I had to sum John up in one word -sun is a friend, -word up.. and I don't use that word lightly. If John fux wit you -he will do so hard-body.

John M Carter and his team put together an official clothing line FANTAZTIK APPAREL -he said however or whatever way I spell fantastic -that's what he's gonna roll wit.

Myself with the Cakewalk Staff are ready to build John M Carter and his team a "Fantaztik" Music & Apparel Store Coming Soon...

Welcome to Cakewalk. We Build Stores

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