Cakewalk Stores & Tour Cruises is proud to present the fruition of what once was intangible. CAKEWALK E-MAGAZINE was but a thought in the mind of a man who thought he could. And now here it is. The release date is on or before November 1st. If you're an artist or record label seeking increase, expansion and or awareness of your content look no further. CAKEWALK E-MAGAZINE is soo much better than a traditional paper magazine in that we are in a digital age. Imagine a magazine where when you open to the artist section a video of your favorite song begins to stream in real time, CRAZY right? Well that's exactly what's happening as we speak.
The 1st issue of CAKEWALK E-MAGAZINE is in it's final stages of completion. Again, depending on the speed of our journalist, publicist and editors – CAKEWALK E-MAGAZINE will be set to release on or before November 1st. Please, please, please if you want to be featured in our first issue submit your content/material ASAP (as soon as possible) Click on the button below to purchase your reservation for CAKEWALK E-MAGAZINE.

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  • Anfernee Xzavier Turner

    What’s the process on getting featured in cakewalk magazine

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