From his unfiltered, eccentric personality to his storied past as a rapper beating the odds, Boosie BadAzz needs to write a book someday. But in the meantime, the Baton Rouge rapper is entertaining fans on social media. He did just that when he recently jumped onto Instagram Live and recalled the time he saw four demons after smoking some angel dust. Seriously.

Addressing his fans at what appears to be a very late hour, Boosie unloads the unpredictable story.

“I was 14, no I was 15, no I was about 16. […] I caught a flat on the railroad like four in the morning,” Boosie began, filming himself during a session on Instagram Live. “I say I’m finna walk across the track. I’m full of that dust, ya heard me. I’m full of that dust, full of that angel dust. Real shit, dawg. My momma told 50 the same story when I came to the house. Real shit! Let me tell you.”

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Boosie then dives into it, as his friends, who can’t be seen on screen, erupt into laughter. “Man, I’m walking, I look back,” he continues. “I see four demons on four horses. Real shit, man. Two of the demons had hats on. Man, they chasing me. Man, I’m running all the way down; I’m jumping fences, everything. Ask my momma, man. When I got to my momma’s house, I had cuts all on my feet, my feet was bleeding. I was crying, ask my momma. I was telling her about the demons. She kept saying, “What demons?!”” From there, Boosie, who recently was let off parole and probation after a decade, admits where he bought the angel dust from at the time, resulting in his mother taking action. “She went over there and told him ‘You cannot sell my baby that shit,’” the rapper says, laughing. “I said, ‘Mom you being the police, man. All that police ass shit.’” Absolutely hilarious. Take a listen to Boosie BadAzz recalling what went down in the clip below.



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