Allen Iverson on LeBron Vs Jordan: Jordan is Always Going to be GOAT

Recently NBA legend Allen Iverson penned an article for The Players' Tribune, and the Hall of Fame point guard had to know he was going to make headlines with his analysis on LeBron vs Jordan. 

"I'm hearing a lot of people these days fronting like they have LeBron over Mike!!, the eleven-time NBA All-Star starts off the topic, "I love LeBron. I have nothing but love for LeBron... but y'all... we're talking about Mike."

"We're talking about Mike, O.K.?? We're talking about Black Jesus himself... Mike is the GOAT... Mike is always going to be the GOAT... and please don't insult me with any of this 'stats' business, like you have a chance of changing my mind."

Iverson then goes on to reveal an incredible behind-the-scenes story about Jordan, back when A.I. once found him in the coaches office all by himself, smoking a cigar in his uniform before the 2003 All-Star Game.  


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