100 OR SO BARS (light) | R.I.P. CRAIG MACK | Cakewalk Store

When I first saw and read the above picture DjScratch posted on the gram I was fucked up over it.

Niggas be acting like they your man but wont support you.

Even in Mack's death niggas couldn't come out and show respect. (SMFH)

R.I.P. Mack

On a lighter note Fire, Fire, Fire. I'm so excited about letting yall know about my new project I'm getting ready to build but I'm learning it's more wise to show then tell. I'm in love with the momentum I'm working at currently.

There is always hell to face before heaven -don't ask me why but that's just how shit is.

If you desire to be great -be careful what you ask for. It's time to work baby. Welcome to Cakewalk...

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